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From the front Desk of Dr. Quentin Chen

First Ever Australian Doctor Awarded Both Western Medical

And Chinese Medicine Bachelor Degrees From Sydney

University And RMIT University Respectively







Dear Friends,


I just thought that You should know about this…


Those of you who have been to our office lately would have heard the special music we have been playing. You might even have heard me explain to you that it’s called “Medical Music Therapy”.


This music has gone through stringent research and wide usage in hospital settings to be proven effective in assisting in several different areas of health.


It is available across 22,000 pharmacies in Germany, and many European countries.


It’s effectiveness and amazing results were publicized at the World Health Organisation’s International Conference on Society, Stress and Health.


This Music is also endorsed by the American Institute of Stress, which is headed by a bunch of medical doctors, psychiatrists and etc. They’d be the most sceptical people on earth, yet they actually believe in this stuff.


I’ve just been studying more information on Medical Music Therapy, and there are some facts that I’ve got to share with you and make you aware of Now…


“4 out of 5 American workers describe their jobs as being ‘very stressful’, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently declared that job stress has now become a worldwide epidemic.”


“It is estimated that 75 to 80% of all visits to primary care physicians in the U.S. are for stress related complaints, and it is difficult to think of any illness ranging from the common cold to cancer, in which stress could not play a contributory role.” Prof. Dr. med. Paul J. Rosch (President of the American College of Physicians)


The above stats were quite shocking to me (even though I am aware of the prevalence of stress), and you can rest assured that our Australian stats would not be very different from the U.S.


Since stress is an unavoidable consequence of living, and you can’t hide or flee from it, are you just going to sit there and suffer the detrimental effects of stress?


Or is there another way to combat the issue?


4 to 8 times more effective than tranquilizers…


You should be quite clear about my view on western medication. Unless it is absolutely necessary to save one’s live, I would steer clear of it. Not to mention the side effects of them.


That’s why I am writing this letter to you when I should be heading to bed…


You see, I sincerely believe that this unique form of therapy can have far reaching benefits for you and your loved ones.


And it would be a waste of great resources and my fault if I do not make you aware of the existence of this therapy, and it’s availability.


It was demonstrated at the World Health Organisation conference “Stress, Health and Society”, these unique medical music preparations can be four to eight times more effective than tranquilizers in reducing the effects of stress.


There were also research studies supporting the music preparations’ ability to releive pain, insomnia, lower elevated blood pressure, and to promote healing, immune system resistance to infection and cancer have also been presented to leading stress experts at the International Montreux Congress on Stress in the past years.


Through my own research and study on this medical music therapy, I have been pleasantly surprised at the amazing results achieved for a wide range of different health issues.


How can music heal your body and enhance your health?


The Ear As a Medical Instrument


Did you know that your ear was the first organ to develop to its full functional capacity?


18 weeks after conception, while you were still in your mother’s womb, you were literally ALL Ears and start to listen to outside stimuli…


Your Ear via its neural connections, converts incoming sound waves into bioelectro-magnetic signals, which it transmits to your brain. This actually is a type of “Energy Supply” to the brain.


Now, in order to live, our brain needs sugar and oxygen supply. However, that alone does not enable the brain to think.


In order for your brain to function properly, it requires invigorating stimuli, which it receives through your different senses such as sound, sight, taste, smell, touch etc.


The amazing thing however, is that scientists have found that sounds, through your ear, actually supply up to 90% of all electrical energy to your brain!


And it is this strong association between your ear and your brain, that makes Medical Music Therapy such a powerful and effective form of treatment.


Want to See Some Scientific Stats?


  •     Reduction of the frequency of epileptic attacks by 75% in 80% of the patients treated

  •     Relief of pain during minor (without full body anaesthesia) gynaecological surgery – 57% of the women experienced the surgery as painless, compared to only 8% of women who did not use the medical music therapy.

  •     Improvement in the mental state in patients with diabetes: reduced irritability, improved emotional stability and greater composure.

  •     Calming of the hormone system in women during labour

  •     Reduction of itching in patients with neurodermatitis by 59%

  •     Reduction of itching in patients with psoriasis by 89%

  •     Reduction of analgesic in patients with severe migraines as much as 70%


OK, I don’t want to bore you with more statistics; it’s just to show you how effective these music can be. But if you are really interested, please visit www.digipharm.com for more information on researches.


Here’s 18 Major Health Areas that Can

Benefit from Medical Music Therapy


1. Headache / Migraine

2. Sleep Disorders

3. General Stress Symptoms

4. Cardiac & Circulatory Disorders

5. Disorders of the Hormone & Immune System

6. Neurophysiological & Sensory Disorders (for hyperactive, autistic kids, people with learning difficulties or Alzheimer’s)

7. Neurodermatitis / Psoriasis

8. Pains / Post-operative pains

9. Pregnancy and Birth

10.  Gynaecological Disorders (symptoms related to menstrual cycle or menopause)

11.  Relaxation

12.  Concentration / Memory

13.  Creativity

14.  Courage to face life (Depression)

15.  Vital Energy

16.  Mental Distress / Fear

17.  Harmony

18.  Mother & Child


I believe that there has got to be 1 or more areas that can be useful for your situation. It’s always a good idea to get the one on General Stress Symptoms, and also the one on Relaxation. One helps to relax the other helps to obtain better, deeper sleep, which is vital in the healing and regeneration of your body.


What Benefit Can You Expect by

Listening to Medical Music Therapy?


  •     Reduced level of stress

  •     Better quality sleep

  •     Improved healing and repair of your body

  •     Reduced level of irritability, emotional outburst, or anxiety

  •     Better regulated blood pressure

  •     Reduced itching for dermatitis / psoriasis

  •     Reduced frequency and severity of headaches / migraine

  •     Improved concentration, memory and imaginations

  •     Regulation of autonomic nervous system

  •     and many more other health benefits


If what I’ve given you is not enough to convince you of the benefits of Medical Music Therapy and you want more information, you can go straight to the publisher’s website, which is www.digipharm.com


So How Do I Go About Using

Medical Music Therapy?


Well, first of all, you obviously need to get yourself some of these CDs, and we’ll get to that in a minute.


But first, please allow me to explain how you can use these CDs to benefit your health.


Let’s first be clear that Medical Music Therapy is NOT music in the normal sense, as it is not used for entertainment or enjoyment, but rather, it is used purely for it’s medical benefits.


And it does NOT require you to like or enjoy this type of music for it to work on your health. Your brain and nervous system will take care of it.


For every different health area, there is a clearly structured “listening program”.


It all starts with a Basic CD, then Basic Program, Advanced Program and Intensive Program.


And here’s all you have to do:


  •     Simply sit comfortably or lie down

  •     Close your eyes and just allow the harmonic information to work

  •     Ideally you should use a good quality headphones to avoid outer disturbances

  •     This music should be listened to as softly as possible (and only as loud as is necessary) in order to perceive all fine structural developments of the music

  •     You need to listen to the harmonic information for at least 15 to 20 minutes on a regular basis (daily for best results)


If instead of a Basic CD, you’ve got yourself either a Basic or even Intensive Program, what you then do is rotate from one CD to the next one day at a time.


Just imagine, sitting in a comfy chair and allowing the harmonic information to flow through your body, relax, and at the same time, having a Positive impact on your health.


Wow, it can’t get any easier that this…


But Who Should Use & Benefit from

Medical Music Therapy?


  •     You, if you are a working person and there is stress from work

  •     You, if you are not working and there is stress from family

  •     You, if you are studying and want to improve concentration and memory

  •     You, if you are pregnant and would like to give your baby the best start to life

  •     You, if you suffer from any health issues related to the 18 major health areas that we’ve listed above

  •     You, if you feel you are in great health and want to keep it that way

  •     Or just about anyone that is really serious about their health…


All Right! How Much Is This Great Stuff?


Well, hopefully by now you will have a good grasp that Medical Music Therapy is an amazing health break-through. This is obviously not your usual music CDs, so don’t expect it to be $30 or so.


You Can Order Directly from Publisher…


If you go to the publisher’s website, you will notice that there is a link on the publisher’s site to a shopping area where you can purchase the CDs directly from them.


They do NOT supply the public with single CDs because all their amazing results were achieved through their listening Programs, which range from the Basic Program of 3 CDs up to the Intensive Program of between 9 to 12 CDs.


Say for example you’ve got problem with sleeping and would like to purchase the music on “Sleep Disorder”.


So instead of starting with just the first “Basic CD” in this series, you’ve got to get at least the Basic Program of 3 CDs, and they retail for… please sit down so you don’t fall over… U$1080.00 or the Intensive Program of 9 CDs for U$3240.00


Shipping can be free if you choose to use normal airmail, but I would advice against it. Why? Because the very first order I placed with the publisher was via airmail, and guess what? It never arrived…


So definitely use FedEx, but that means, roughly another US$55.


It’s not easy forking out almost A$1,300 for something that you aren’t even familiar with, is it?


But I’ve Worked Out Something Special… for YOU!


I’ve asked them to provide me with the opportunity to give YOU and my other patients access to the Basic single CDs.


The Basic single CDs would definitely be beneficial.


However, you should start with an aim of building up your Medical Music Therapy library over time.


I’ve Secured YOU a Special Price,

And YOU Must Act NOW…



When you work out how much each CD cost based on the publisher’s website, it’s basically U$360 or A$400.00 per disc, not cheap is it?


However, if it does the work it is supposed to, then it is actually a relatively cheap investment in your health.


When I negotiated with the publisher more than a year ago, they actually allowed me to supply the Basic CDs for ONLY A$147, which is a huge saving of A$253.


The publisher reserves the right to take this Special pricing away from me anytime, and I am trying to get as many CDs at this price as possible.


So if you want any of these CDs, may I suggest that you get in touch with my office on (02) 94209188 as soon as possible before I’m locked out of this special pricing forever. Then it’ll be YOUR greatest lost.



Honestly, I can’t think of a better Gift than this…


And the truth is, for only $147, you will be able to enjoy life with much reduced level of stress, and countless positive health benefit. Common, give your overworked, and overstressed body a break… Do something good for it… NOW!


Better Still, You’ve Got My Risk Free Guarantee


If you’ve got to this part of the letter, and is still not convinced of its benefits, here’s what I want you to do.


If after using it daily for 12 months, you honestly don’t feel calmer, more relaxed, or any other benefits, simply send it back to us for a prompt and courteous refund of the purchase price. No questions asked. How does that sound to you?


A Final Question…


If you are even thinking about trying this Medical Music Therapy at all, what’s stopping you from picking up the phone and order right now?


The price may go up anytime soon, So you’ve got nothing to gain by waiting.


And don’t wish that the price would come down. The publisher has been retailing these music preparations all over the world at the same price ever since they started, and have no intention in dropping the price.


We are fortunate enough to be able to bring this unique and health changing therapy to Australia and to you, and At A HUGE Discount! So please don’t let this chance pass you by…


Please, take action, take care of your body, and we want to hear from you soon.



Wellness with Passion,



Dr. Quentin Chen

The Chinese Doctor

Division of KODA Healthcare Group

237 Longueville Road,

Lane Cove NSW 2066


Tel: + 61-2-94209188

Fax: + 61-2-94208016

email: quentin@koda.com.au